A boat’s thoughts

Prachi Kothari
2 min readSep 6, 2020


Hi, writing this on behalf of a boat.

I started, was scared, but bold and brave,

Left my land, my peace, having a lot of guts,

Where I was comfortable, but stuck,

Left the place, the land where I was born,

For the world, the water where I was meant for,

Got out of my stationary comfort zone,

For a moving experience, that was my own,

High tides, cyclones, rains and so many ups and downs,

But I kept moving, I kept floating,

There are days with sunshine,

Showing me what path to drive,

And nights full of darkness,

Teaching me how to just keep calm and survive,

I see full moons and new moons,

Both showing me the phases of life,

But both giving me the next direction to strive,

Made friends with water and winds,

Who made me float, flow and swing,

Gave me the pathway to my life ahead,

Figuring out what, how, where next,

Now there was no looking back,

Time to time, I stopped to rest,

At the land, my peace, my birthplace,

To visit my inside self, to look back, where it all began,

Full of fun with rush and craze,

Proud of my journey so far,

Being excited, scared but brave,

I want to flow, float and keep moving , and keep raising my bars.

Originally published at http://prachikothari.blogspot.com on September 6, 2020.



Prachi Kothari

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