A child, is a child! Education is his/her right!

Prachi Kothari
Oct 22, 2020


A child, is a child,

Born in a family or environment of any kind,

Urban or rural, upper class or lower,

Literate or illiterate, rich or poor,

For a child, education is a right!

A child, is a child,

If he/she goes to work in an industry,

Doesn’t go to a school to study,

If he/she begs on the crossroads,

Or goes to work in the households,

It’s not only theirs, It’s our fight,

That we aren’t able to get them their right!

A child, is a child,

The slums, the poors, the underprivileged rurals,

Won’t ever come out of the sad spiral,

If their child doesn’t study and learn,

If their child goes to work, for the family to earn,

The spiral will continue, the situation won’t ever change,

The next gen child will also face the conditions same!

A child, is a child,

Education is his/her right,

If you are reading this and remember a child,

Who you saw somewhere, working and not studying,

Then you are very heartful and kind,

If you are reading this and want to make a difference,

Find a child, help him/her start studying,

Make this world feel your beautiful presence!

In a household poor or unprivileged,

Even if one child gets educated,

Can change the next so many generations,

In effect, changes our own society’s conditions,

Gets the family out of the sad spiral,

A child’s studies, then a good employment,

The inspirations can surely go viral,

Do your bit, create an impact,

You can change the country’s future in fact!

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Prachi Kothari

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