A cow, a plastic bag, and some thoughts around!

Prachi Kothari
2 min readJul 21, 2021

Something happened recently that really got my stomach hurt,

I was at a distance, ran and tried to stop it, but couldn’t do much,

There I was, watching something that shouldn’t have happened,

But it happens, daily, thousand times or more, feels saddened,

A cow eating a plastic, trying hard to chew, but couldn’t, so swallowed,

Seeing it live, that plastic struck through my stomach, my heart it hollowed,

Felt like I too might be eating something that’s harmful I never know,

Adulteration, artificial cheap stuff might be running the food business we don’t know,

If not that, we might simply be drinking the milk from those cows,

The world comes back in full cycle somehow,

We’re destroying the nature that we were born, and we depend upon,

The garbage, plastic, pollution or any harmful thing that we carry on,

Will surely harm us next, coz it’s the same nature we eat, drink and live upon,

Felt like it’s us, we are the cause, for this blunder happening to nature,

It’s not about one plastic or one cow, it’s about every natural creature.

Be it an animal eating something harmful,

Created or used by us,

Or a bird, who is getting hurt, or losing it’s home,

Because of the doings by us,

Or a forest or a tree that’s destroyed,

Due to actions by us humans,

Or this land, the earth, being dumped by tons of garbage everyday,

Only because of us.

These creatures can’t speak or think,

Can’t do anything to control their surroundings,

But we have brains, can think, speak and act,

And they are our fellow living beings,

The earth’s responsibility lies with it’s intelligent humans,

It’s a duty, if not fulfilled, will shatter our mother earth and coming generations.

Originally published at http://prachikothari.blogspot.com.