Aren’t we humans? Has our humanity surrendered?

Prachi Kothari
2 min readSep 30, 2020

Recently, an innocent little girl was brutally raped and murdered,

The reality strikes hard, but aren’t we humans? Has our humanity surrendered?

A serious worry is that the world is not even worrying,

About what’s happening to our fellow human beings,

It’s not about one girl, It’s about every other person,

Who is being tortured or harassed, physically or mentally by another human,

Aren’t we humans? Can’t we feel emotions and pain of someone’s cries?

Aren’t we humans? Doesn’t seem far that our humanity completely dies!

This is about every being that we come across,

Known or unknown, friend or acquaintance, anyone in our lives we cross,

May be a hungry child on the roadside,

Or a blind person in the need for a hand to guide,

Or a child working in glass factory risking his life for a day’s meal,

Or an underprivileged discriminated person unable to find work,

Just because for the employer, his colour, caste, religion etc is a big deal,

All these people, even more, we find every other day,

We all already have empathy, just a little effort shall change someone’s day!

When even one human being suffers a pain,

Be it a rape, murder, harassment, torture, discrimination or disdain,

Or even the smallest of the behavior that’s inhumane,

Our humanity dies every second this happens,

The world gets shattered, loses its precious compassion,

The criminals should surely be punished the hardest of all,

Examples need to be set, by us, before the next generation crawls,

The laws should worry the most about justice to all these victims,

Each passing day the justice gets delayed, another criminal’s motivation kicks in!

Be it lawmakers, law implementers, a common man , a criminal, a victim or the victim’s family,

Each one of us has emotions and pain, empathy and compassion, inside ourselves surely,

Still these crimes are happening everywhere, criminals roaming freely, shouldn’t we be shattered?

Aren’t we humans? Has our humanity really surrendered?

Originally published at on September 30, 2020.