Art…Artists… The beauty of expressions

Prachi Kothari
Oct 22, 2020


Hello artists, creating the beautiful stuff out there,

Thinking of art, wrote something for all you there!

We write, sing or dance or act,

Paint, craft , do magic or any art we create,

I’m an artist, can relate to beings of similar kinds,

Right brainers, always in between hearts and minds,

We all, I feel are avatars of expressions,

Art is full of thoughts, a way of life, with beautiful creations,

I write to express myself, and if writing is an art form,

Expressing thoughts and views is where the art is born,

In any way one likes, no limits it binds,

One question I come across every time I write,

Should I write for myself, or for my readers views and likes,

Will it be boring, common, preachy, or too disliked,

Or am I writing the same thing every time,

But this is what I feel, why shouldn’t I write,

I feel this is my form, thoughts and expressions of my life,

Yes, I feel blessed to have readers giving their valuable feedback,

Lots of learning, improvement and positivity from them I fetch,

Art always grows, by both positive and critical comments,

The viewers, their time, interest and opinions are a treasure we get,

Thank you all for your time, appreciations and valuable suggestions,

Please keep reading, hope my work grabs your attention,

It’s a lovely feeling, to express yourself,

Expressing in any way we can, really helps oneself,

Expression of thoughts sends positivity both outside and to our insides,

Art is beautiful, so are artists, and their hearts and minds.

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Prachi Kothari

Enjoying the chaos, the entropy of life!