Prachi Kothari
2 min readJul 23, 2020

Driving through my street everyday,

A cow and a dog, sleeping, always block my way,

Some days, I blow horn, throw light,

To wake them up, and get them out right,

Some days, I take an alternate way,

Looking at them peacefully,

Thinking, let’s not disturb them today,

Some days, I blame them for blocking the road,

Get frustrated, curse them, and wish they’re seen no more,

Some days, I abuse them and wake them up by my horn and lights,

They get back on me, barking and mooing,

But those innocent creatures, trying and crying,

Get away finally, thinking this world is only human’s rights.

All these days got me thinking,

This world , the earth , as a whole, coexists,

Then why can’t we, as humans, coexist,

From wild shrubs to ornamental plants,

Thorny bushes to dense forests,

Wild animals , birds and even insects,

If the nature itself can coexist,

Why do humans differ amongst themselves I think,

Some black, some brown , some white,

Some rich, poor or any other basis of divide,

Some tall, short, huge, small, fat or thin,

Brains and hearts can never be implied by body or skin.

Coexistence is the nature’s own law,

Be it human, plant, animal or even nature itself,

We can’t , and shouldn’t deny or withdraw,

All of us, are here to be together,

Living peacefully , respecting other species and lives,

Another human, plant or an animal,

Each one of us has its own rights,

We all are here, have our own different feature,

Some similarities, some differences,

On the outsides, and even insides,

The only option for us is to coexist and respect every creature.

Originally published at on July 23, 2020.