Prachi Kothari
2 min readSep 21, 2020

Oh these flowers, so peaceful to eyes they seem,

Colorful beauty amidst the shades of green,

They come and go, fall and grow,

Tell me everyday is new and different,

Do your best, and trust the flow,

Some days, there are no signs of color and flowers,

But the beautiful buds afterwards are surely worth the wait of days and hours,

When in lack of hopes, these new born buds smile and wave,

Thank you mother nature, what an inspiration you gave,

Feels like there’s always something good for tomorrow,

Just keep working, it’ll all be worth it, even if today’s sorrow,

Watching them grow into flowers blooming,

Is like finding the meaning of life, watching yourself growing,

Each one in its own way, at its own pace,

Just keeps rising and shining, to find itself, enhance and then embrace,

Then when they bend, become pale and the colors move away,

The petals fall one by one, as if change is the rule of nature, and nothing is to always stay,

The nature keeps us grounded, to value what we have,

And inspires to keep moving, fly higher, work for good and be brave,

As life is a beautiful mix of good, bad, best and worst,

Happy-sad, laugh-cry, something last in life might have in it something first.

Originally published at on September 21, 2020.