Happy women’s day : Let’s all thank our creators

Prachi Kothari
2 min readMar 8, 2022

Let’s all thank our creators,

The oxygen for our lives,

Each and every lady around us,

How incredibly, they build our lives,

The best producers and directors,

Who created us, shaped our minds,

The hidden leaders in our homes,

The Chief Everything Officers of our families and lives,

Molded us the best possible way,

Made us what we are today.

Let’s all thank our creators,

The fuel and the drivers of our lives,

The army that runs to protect us everyday,

The workforce behind the scenes running always,

Who never stop,

They do everything under the sun,

Possible or impossible, work the hardest and best for their families, daughters and sons,

The best navigators we could get,

The best teachers we all can ever get.

Let’s all thank our creators,

Every second they think of us,

Every minute they plan ahead for us,

Every hour they work for our well being,

Everyday they sow a seed of happiness for us,

No words can define the role they play,

No designation or pay can compensate even one second of their day.

Let’s all thank our creators,

Our women of our families, society and nation,

Who have been there always,

But now it’s time, for us to be there for them everyday,

It’s time now, to think for them,

Work for them , celebrate them,

Help them achieve new heights,

Get their hidden talents out to the world,

Let them shine, the future leaders of the world,

Let them think about themselves,

Make them prioritize themselves,

Give them all the happiness we can,

Because they are the ones who made us who we are,

They are the army who protect us wherever we are.

Originally published at http://prachikothari.blogspot.com.