The memorable trip

Prachi Kothari
1 min readJul 21, 2021


Lot of excitement and confusions mixed before start of the trip,

But meeting the group and saying hellos, my confidence got the grip,

It was all about four days of loving the beautiful nature,

And exploring the hidden wonders, people, farms and culture,

Travelling through fascinating wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, waterfalls and lakes,

Listening to thrilling stories from thirdworldstoryteller, gaining lots of inspiration and knowledge,

A delightful time spent, making fantastic memories unforgettable,

An experience so special, giving our skin goosebumps and eyes sparkle,

Getting grounded deep in dense forests, trekking amidst heavy rains,

Listening to birds and insects doing their daily gossip, felt the nature’s voice in human silence,

Dancing in farms, understanding locals, and swimming in rivers,

Watching the fireflies decorating night sky, trees and farms glowing with glitter,

The lovely rainbow spreading colorful magic in blue sky,

Raindrops and sunshine, hugging each other pleasing our eyes,

Lush green hills till the horizon and chilling clouds walking with us,

The wonderful Narmada, Mahal, Don and Saputara, and the amazing journey in bus,

The go green cousins going ahead cleaning the forest,

Motivating us all, to protect the earth and nature, for generations next,

Met awesome people, made great friends, and the best storyteller,

Thank you all for the precious times and lovely memories we all had together.

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